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Hello again. We'd like to talk about an another great game today. Actually this post will be a walkthrough of Top Eleven Be A Football Manager game. You know it is a really addictive and entertaining game, many people are looking for some ways to do cheats but they fail. But you don't because you have the best guide ; Hacks and Trainers team. We highly recommend taking a deep look at our hacks, you may find them useful.

In this game, you have the chance to do all of the duties of a football manager. You may order substitutions, control players' training program, do tactical changes during the match and more. Whatever you may think as a manager, you can do all of them on Top Eleven Be A Football Manager. After this short abstract, we may proceed to those useful tips which may lead you to the top of the leaderboard. If you follow our instructions carefully, there is no reason for you to not succeed.

How to Earn Extra Cash - Tips

These Top Eleven Be A Football Manager tips focus on earning extra cash, you should follow them and be patient in order to do them carefully. Cash is the form of dollars and it is the main currency. You have to earn cash somehow because no football club can survive without cash and this means ; without cash, you are nothing.

You earn cash by selling players to other clubs, attracting your fans to watch your game in every match; the more fans you have, the more cash you have. You get the extra cash from selling tickets, renting out the advertising boards on your stadium and other places and from sponsors. These facts are based on your team's performance. The income from advertising sales depends on your performance as well. Think about Real Madrid or Barcelona. Can you imagine how much money they earn just from the advertisements on their uniform?

An important reminder; your finances may go minus numbers sometime. This is not a problem if you solve this in 7 days. If you stay on the minus numbers more than that, on the first day after a week, your most valuable player will be sold by the club! in order to balance the budget of the club. One more will go on each day until the finances go back to normals.

Earn Extra Cash From Advertisement on Top Eleven Be A Football Manager

Seriously, advertisement is the most important source for daily cash. As we explained above, you have the chance to pick which company should place advertisements on the stadium at the pitch level. You should be sure that all the advertisement boards are sold or rented to a company, otherwise you would miss a great potential of a great daily income.

In order to manage the advertisements;

  • Enter "Finances" menu.
  • Click the "Boards".
  • On the left side, the list of empty advertisement spaces are listed.
  • On the right side, the list of the companies who wish to rent these spaces from you.

You can see how much the offer is worth, how long it will be displayed on your space and how many boards or spaces that company wants. If you wish to sign a contract with a company, simply click the empty board on the left side and then choose the offer you consider worthy.

Those top eleven be a football manager tips are some basic rules, but if you don't take care of the basics, you'll be drowned in details.

Pay Attention To The Fans For Extra Cash - Tips

Fans must be one of your primary metrics of how well you are doing at Top Eleven be A Football Manager game and how pleasant your club is. Also, your fans mean cash. They are your number 1 supporters not only during matches, but also outside the stadium. They buy tickets, the uniforms of your star players and they donate. Your team's position is really important for your fans, as you progress and level-up in the league board, the moral of your fans and your team will increase dramatically. Then you'll be able to see the cash flowing in your account.

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