Dragon City Food Hack

Great Dragon City Food Hack Tool

Dragon City Food Hack Tool

Hello again. This post will be about food hack for dragon city game on Facebook and how to use it. It is not a separate software, it is actually our hack tool. We’ll discuss the food side of it on this article.

You know that Dragon City is a really fun game. There are 3 different currencies on the gamet hat players can use. All of them are really important because each of them unlocks different items. You need all of them in order to complete the tasks. Those are food, gold and gems. The other 2 currencies will be discussed in a different article.

We already published our great Dragon City Hack tool.Please click the link if you didn’t visit it yet. You can find the required information about the hack software. Also you can download it for free. If you just need food, please use only the food box in order to use dragon city food hack.

How to Use Dragon City Food Hack

It is actually pretty easy to use dragon city food hack. Here are the instructions below.

  • Download the hack tool.
  • Open the Rar file.
  • Extract all the files in to a folder.
  • Double click the Setup file, thus the installation will be started. You can scan it with any anti-virus software. It is completely clean.
  • A desktop shortcut will be placed automatically.
  • Double click the dragon city food hack icon and run the software.
  • You must approve your connection by clicking sync button.(Remember to open the Dragon City game on your current browser before clicking "Sync" button.)
  • Then you'll see the empty textboxes.
  • Enter the desired amount of food into the food box.
  • Remember to refer to the limitations. Don't try to add more than the stated number. Otherwise you'll receive an error message.
  • Click "add now" button and wait for the progress to be completed.
  • Now check your Dragon City account by refreshing the current page. You'll see your freshly hacked food.

Dragon City Food Hack Benefits

You will be completely free and you won't have to think about your town's funds. Economical freedom will bring you full access to the greatest dragons, structures and items. Dragon City food hack is the best tool on the internet because it is completely free and with its limitations, it is completely unavoidable. The game servers can not detect our food hack because it doesn't perform abnormal actions.

You can also add gold and gems to your account for free with Dragon City Food Hack. If you need further assistance please, don't hesitate to contact us. You can always leave your comments below. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Click here to go to download page of Dragon City Hack tool.

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